Athletic Equestrian League

About the AEL

The Athletic Equestrian League (AEL) is a newly formed organization focusing on 4th-12th grade equestrian athletes – both boys and girls – who compete in practical horsemanship. We are focused on developing well-rounded young equestrians and our competitions are about learning and having fun! Participants are judged against a set of three criteria in each event: riding on the flat, riding over fences, and completion of an unmounted practicum. Members don’t need to have their own horse in order to compete: the host of each event in the competition schedule will provide the mounts. This gives members the opportunity to ride a variety of horses and makes it unnecessary to transport horses to the competition. Lessons are offered 2-3 times per month.

Head Coach: Lauren Franco
Assistant Coach: Gwyn Swig


Upcoming AEL and Riding Academy Schooling Horse Show: April 2nd


AEL Founder and President, Sally Batton, visits Elvenstar.