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The Art of Communication Between Horse and Rider

Equestrian competition - show stables training in Moorpark, CA
Our challenging curriculum combined with equine education directly promotes and develops individual excellence as an equestrian, ultimately creating a skilled rider in any arena – hunter, jumper and equitation.

With an active Local Schedule as well as busy Regional and National Show Calendars, Elvenstar offers a program for any equestrian goal.

Local Program

By participating in the Elvenstar Riding Academy a myriad of local opportunities await. Along with learning within our established curriculum, Elvenstar hosts holidays events, local Academy Horse Shows and special fun days. For those interested in competing, Elvenstar attends the local TVHSA shows, which offer everything from walk/trot to jumping classes at 2'9″. For more information see Riding Academy, Local Schedule, Facility Show & Fun Schedule or contact us at 805-529-2800

Regional Program

The Regional program at Elvenstar is designed to take horse and rider from entry-level competition through the Los Angeles area local and regional finals. Focusing on the Los Angles Hunter Jumper Association (LAHJA), San Fernando Hunter Jumper Association (SFHJA), Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association (PCHA) and United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) horses shows, the program encompasses “A”, “B” and “C” level shows.

Goals for both horse and rider are discussed and the appropriated show schedule is planned accordingly. For more information see the Regional Show Schedule and our resource links to the regional associations. We are always happy to answer questions, 805-529-2800.
Horse riding - show stables training in Moorpark, CA

National Program

Equestrian's award - show stables training in Moorpark, CA
The National Program at Elvenstar offers aspiring equestrians the opportunity to achieve accolades and experience at our nation's top horse shows, from California to New York. We strive to set goals, overcome challenges and develop top-level competitors. From the grooming and care, the best vets and farriers to the groundwork and in the arena training, we provide an education that leads to solid horsemen and women, making riding more than just winning.
We have trainers that cater to hunter championships, equitation excellence or international show jumping aspirations. Show jumping up and down the California coast is part of the program and when students are ready for a taste of east coast and international competition we will travel to West Palm Beach, Spruce Meadows (Canada), and even across the ocean for a European tour. With contacts and business partners we can offer you the chance to experience equestrian excellence worldwide.
Come meet us, view the facility and discuss your riding goals with us, so we can place you in the perfect program. Take a look at our National Schedule and contact us at 805-529-2800 with any inquiries.

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Show Stables Program & Prices

Show Stables Program & Prices

Flat Rate Training Programs $775

Woman with equestrian - show stables training in Moorpark, CA
This is a flat rate program offered to our training clients, each horse and rider's program will be tailored to fit their personal and competition goals for the upcoming season. Training rides and turnouts will be scheduled by training barn staff to accommodate each horse and rider's needs. Show Stables competes at all levels from local to national.
Included in the Flat Rate Training Program program are the following as needed:
• Training ride, group and/or private lessons. These services offered Tuesday-Sunday.
• Turnouts & European Horse Exerciser. These services are offered Tuesday-Sunday and include aftercare.
• Medication/Supplemental Feed Service – All clients will provide Smartpak supplements delivered to barn and medication i.e isoxuprine, thyroid etc. which will be feed daily in small amount of rice bran. This service does not include cost of medication.
• Blanketing
• After show care – includes wrap removal
• Laundry/supplies
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Lay Up Care

This program is offered for the injured/ill horse that needs intensive daily care such as twice a day or more medicating or other services. The program encompasses turnouts, hand walking, or hot walker service Monday through Sunday per veterinary instructions. Our staff will also medicate (does not include cost of medication), manage wound care and consult with the veterinarian. This service does not include late night colic watch. (Inquire for pricing)
Good looking horse - show stables training in Moorpark, CA

Additional Care Services - Elvenstar Show Stables Clients

  • Night Illness Watch $30 Per Hour – 4 Hour Minimum
  • Body Clip $ 175

Non Training Clients

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Show Stable Competition Fees

Flat Rate Regional Competition A/B:Fee per day per horse:
  • $210.00 (in training)
  • $235 (non training)
(Prices are set for 10 or more horses at show)
Horse stables - show stables training in Moorpark, CA
  • Gold Coast Series
  • Verdugo Hills Series – if stabled overnight at facility
  • Los Angeles Season Opener, Winter
  • Camelot Classic
  • IEL (per day at facility)
Flat Rate National Competition “AA”:
Fee per day per horse:
  • $210.00 (in training)
  • $235 (non training)
  • Memorial Day Classic
All flat rate fees include:
Trainer Expenses, Coaching fees, Feed & Shaving, Security (where applicable), Dressing room(s), Preparation Stalls/Feed Stalls, Supplies
Horse stable with awards - show stables training in Moorpark, CA
National Competition (Multi Day) “A” Rated Shows (Oaks Series, Showpark, Menlo, Pebble Beach, Thermal Huntington Beach etc.)

Following Fees are charged per individual horse(s):
$100.00 Per Horse, per day. Not in training, $125.
  • Coaching fees
  • Medication
  • Trainer Expenses (hotel, travel, per diem etc)
  • Feed & Shavings (generally split on bill by horse show office)
  • Security (where Applicable)
  • Tack Stalls, Supplies
  • VIP Tables, Tents, Grand Prix boxes, Sponsorships
  • Miscellaneous fees
Additional Fees
  • Hauling – See rate sheet
  • Grooming (per horse) Going rate by independent contractor
  • Braiding (per horse) Going rate by independent contractor
  • Medal final coaching fee $75.00 fee per rider competing in medal final
  • Outside and academy training clients coaching fee $25.00 per horse per day (in addition to standard coaching fee)
Additional Fees
One day and flat rate competitions are payable in full at time of show
National Competition (Multi Day) “A” Rated Shows require a $750.00 per horse deposit
Additional deposit per horse for Thermal Desert Circuit and out of state competitions
Click HERE to download the full list of our Show Stables Competition fees


Association and Organization Links

Los Angeles Hunter Jumper Association
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San Fernando Valley Horse Show Association
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Tri-Valley Horse Show Association
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Pacific Coast Horse Show Association
Pacific Coast Horse Show Association
Interscholastic Equestrian League
Interscholastic Equestrian League
United States Equestrian Federation
United States Equestrian Federation
Interscholastic Equestrian Association
Interscholastic Equestrian Association

2018 Regional Show Calendar

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2018 National Show Calendar

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